For the first time, micro soft azure introduced the blockchain self solution into the cloud computing market to facilitate users to enter the side chain and develop BTC
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according to the report of cointegraph on February 19, commercial blockchain lion announced that micro soft formally introduced the block chain solution of lion into its azure cloud computing market.

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This makes lion a blockchain supported by major cloud pick suppliers. Weirou has also become the first company to bring the blockchain around cloud services, and has been keeping the leading position of blockchain adoption.

  Global enterprises will be better adopted than blockchain  

weirou announced to arrange the three test machine numbers. Today, it integrates the lift blockchain into azure to arrange the three test machine numbers. Today, the global enterprise customers of micro soft azure only need to click a button on its platform to arrange the three test machine numbers. Today, they can develop, test and place the side chain and exercise program of lift. Dr. Richard Lohwasser, chairman of lion, added: Lion is committed to providing an access to the blockchain for all constructs. We believe that making integration as seamless as possible is crucial to solve the problem of low adoption rate of blockchain. Azure will be the main asset of our customers.   Azure dominates the cloud computing market  

azure is the main driving force of micro soft cloud business. Now, the platform occupies the second largest share of the $229 billion public cloud market, mainly serving large enterprise customers. Azure's customers include more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies, including Wal Mart, Coca Cola, Boeing and Samsung.

(0} cointellegraph tried to comment on the message by Benni worpel, online marketing manager of lion, but had not received a response as of the press deadline.